About Us

Welcome to the world of Obscure adventures!

I’m Capt. Pete Gregoire. I’ve had an obsession with bowfishing since 2010 when I stumbled across an online forum on the subject. I outfitted a small boat based on knowledge I gleaned from those posts and over the years I’ve upgraded to bigger, better and faster equipment in my pursuits. I’ve learned a thing or two about what works, what doesn’t, and that I still have have so much more room to grow.

Obscure Adventures was always meant to be a portal to unique sporting opportunities, but over the years it has transformed from a guide service, to a magazine, and now to a blog/vlog. Who knows what will come in the future, but for now let me take you on my journeys, educating you as we go, while introducing you to the people and places hosting truly unique outdoor experiences.

The Early Days