Specializing in night-time bowfishing for rough fish like Carp, Buffalo and Gar. 

4+ hours on the water

Instructions and coaching provided

Drinks provided (Water, Soda)

Fish disposal


Custom, fully illuminated boat with capacity for up to 6 shooters.

Top-notch, highly adjustable equipment provided, but feel free to bring your own.

Captain is fully licensed through the US Coast Guard.


Pricing is $125 per shooter (Min $300 per trip).

Maximum of 6 shooters.

Non-shooting children and spectators allowed.


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About us

The most fun you can have at night with your clothes on!

Obscure Adventures Guide Services specializes in a high-quality, on-the-water bowfishing experience for shooters of all capabilities. Our experience will bring you into close proximity with fish that can reach up to 50 pounds. Our highly adjustable bows allow children (12 and older) and people of all shapes and sizes to be successful.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

We typically focus our efforts on the Gravois Arm of the lake, but depending on the time of year we can offer trips that focus on varying species, like those listed below. There is also opportunities for Silver and Bighead carp below Bagnell Dam during the summer months.


One of our top targets. Gar are extremely plentiful during certain periods of the year with high-quality fish readily available. Longnose and Shortnose Gar are the targeted species.

Grass Carp

This invasive species has taken a foothold in the lake and can grow to incredible sizes. Fish in the 30-50 lbs. range are possible.


This species is readily available and can provide many opportunities. Fish range from 5 to 30 lbs.


A staple in bowfishing, common carp are plentiful, invasive and destructive. Shooting can be hot for fish up to 15 lbs., especially during the spring spawning months.

Night-time is the right time!

Starting around dusk, we venture out and stay close to the shorelines. We focus our efforts in the backs of coves and near the mouths of creeks where the fish like to congregate to feed and spawn. Hitting the fish can be a little tricky as the boat is moving, the fish are typically moving and you have to aim lower than you think. This is due to the light bending as it enters the water. This is called refraction. Here’s some keys to our success:


Depending on the depth of the fish you may have to aim 6-12 inches lower than you believe the fish is.


The boat is very stable, but leaning your knees against the railing helps steady you as the boat moves and keeps you closer to the fish.


Our boat has multiple means of propulsion to handle the conditions at hand. We have a trolling motor to work through areas thoroughly and a kicker motor (small outboard) that moves us more quickly to cover water and catch up to fish.


LED lighting inside and outside of the boat allows us to use quiet generators for a more enjoyable experience. With 12 super bright Floodlights around the front and rear of the boat, the fish really  stand out.

Photo Gallery

Every effort is made to ensure your trip will generate results, but the sport is challenging and hitting the fish is not guaranteed. However, shot opportunities are. Here are some recent successes.

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Been out with Pete twice now, both great times! Highly recommend, especially if you haven’t gone before, and is great if you know what you’re doing!

Michael Scherr

Pete does a great job, has great equipment and his personality just compliments his knowledge. He is very down to earth and a pleasure to spend time with! Great times, would recommend to anyone, including women!!!

Nicole Courtney

I took my first trip with Obscure Adventures 2 years ago. We had an incredible night. Since then I have been on 5 trips with great success. Pete is an extremely friendly guide. He knows where the fish are. He will give shooting lessons before you head out for those that would like a little practice. All of Pete’s gear is top notch and wait till you see the boat. Every season Pete is upgrading the boat. I thought it has been great in all the previous versions. But he always seems to make a few tweaks that makes it that much better. If you are an experienced bowfisher or never shot bow before Obscure Adventures is the guide service for you. You will have a great time.

Shane Dorcey

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