Captain Pete with the BAA State Record Common Carp (Wisconsin – 43.4#)

Common Carp really live up to their name at times. When conditions are right that will be the fish we target most often. Common carp are an invasive species that were introduced in the US in the late 1800’s. They were intended to provide a food source, but that didn’t really work out as other fish were considered more palatable. Carp are highly prolific spawners and can lay millions of eggs. Their feeding and spawning rituals are detrimental to other fish species who spawn in shallow water as they stir up sediment and muddy the water. Except where Alligator Gar are present (extreme southern states) there are very few predators that target carp. Lake of the Ozarks has a very healthy population of Common Carp and fish range from 5-15 lbs. with some larger from time to time.

Logan with a 20+ lbs. Common



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